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Will Marsh

San Francisco
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Will Marsh has been a dedicated student of the sitar since 2006. He was initiated into the rich classical tradition of North Indian music by Ustad Aashish Khan (eldest son of Ustad Ali Akbar Khan) while a student at the California Institute of the Arts. His commitment to this art form has made Will a member of a new generation of serious Indian musicians from the United States. He has also had the privilege of studying with sitar master Roshan Jamal Bhartiya, from Mumbai India. Will completed his MFA in North Indian music from Cal Arts in 2013 and travels to India annually for continued study and performance.  He dazzles audiences in a wide array of setting with his elegant, expressive style. Will currently resides in Encinitas, California where he works with a variety of ensembles, teaches, and performs internationally.


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