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Dylan Keawe

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Dylan Keawe is a multi-instrumental artist originally from Maui, HI now based in Southern California, best known for his one-man-band looping shows, energetic and soulful full-band shows, as well as his work as a keyboard/guitar player in the American Reggae scene, touring with well-known artists such as: KBong, Leilani Wolfgramm, Josh Heinrichs, Skillinjah, etc. Dylan Keawe’s conscious approach to music and life shows itself in the lyrics and melodies throughout his music, with messages abundant in love, continued growth and self-determination, as well as the realization of our limited time in this lifetime, reminding us to make the most of each moment. The mix of styles and fusing of genres is bound to keep listeners interested, exploring generations of timeless music with innovative covers of oldies/soul, modern and classic alternative/pop, hip-hop/RnB, and much more in a feel-good island/reggae style. 


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